Knollwood Manor

 Knollwood Manor is located atop a little knoll for which it is named. It was established as Janwynella Nursing Home approximately 37 years ago.

In 1993, the facility was purchased by Tri-Age Adventures, Inc., and the name was changed to Knollwood Manor. Several renovations and additions have taken place since 1993, and today Knollwood Manor offers a sunroom, large, spacious dining room with kitchenette, therapeutic whirlpool and a beauty parlor. 

The White House

 The White House had been the home of Bonnie and Dennis White when purchased by Tri-Age Adventures, Inc. in October, 2002.  It is believed that the home was built in the late 1940s or early 1950s. The home contained a nice warmth and charm, and to maintain this warmth and charm became a priority during the renovating process to becoming an Assisted Living facility.

The original living room/dining room of the house was converted into a large dining room complete with fireplace and the original dining room suite that belonged to Mrs. Bonnie White. With additional tables and Queen Ann chairs added, the dining room now seats 30 people. Residents are able to dine with a hilltop view and, in the winter, a warm, cozy fire in the white marble fireplace.